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Bingoware is a free and simple open-source PHP bingo software (script) which facilitates the creation, viewing and printing of randomly generated bingo cards and provides a game play mode, which draws random numbers and lists all winning cards. It is freeware and as such the source code is offered should you want to modify the software.

Bingoware is not intended for online gaming, but rather to ease the administration of a live Bingo. Typical use consists of generating bingo cards and then using the web based software to draw numbers and inform you of winning cards.

I once had to organize a bingo and realized that I could not photocopy Bingo cards (everybody would win at once!), so I created Bingoware. This software will help you create the bingo cards, draw the numbers and verify the winning cards.


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Bingoware 1.5 has the following features:
  • Great new look! Thanks to Mike Suetkamp!
  • Lets you view or print any card (includes the card's serial number). Drawn numbers are colored differently.
  • Generates a page showing all cards and prints 4 cards per page.
  • Lists all number drawn and a list of the current winning card numbers.
  • Choose one or many winning patterns from normal, full card, square, T, X, N, Z, + and cross, and User-defined. All winning patterns are customizable from an interactive web page.
  • 3 different "Free Square" modes (no free squares, center on all cards, random on all cards.)
  • Possibility print a different names on all the cards from a text file containing all the names.
  • Possibility to print the rules on the back of each card. (requires a double-sided printer.)
  • Possibility to identify each sets with a prefix, and to save/load a specific set.
  • Ability to use an external draw mechanism and enter the numbers or to use Bingoware's own random number draw.
  • Ability to change the number of cards in play once a set is generated.
  • Customizable headers and footers on view and print pages.
  • Complete web-based configuration, including with the possibility to change font and background colours.
  • Context-sensitive help.
  • No database engine required (card set, numbers drawn and winner lists are automatically saved on the disk, in the same directory as the script.)
  • Easy installation with optional configuration options.

At a later time, the following features will be implemented with Bingoware 2 or before:

  • Improved speed with use of MySQL database (will be optional.)
  • Computerized voice reading the numbers drawn.
  • Improved comments throughout the code.

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